Learn Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is an essential tool for any project manager. It will help and aid you in your project management tasks and will become an important asset in planning, building, managing and executing any project successfully.

The Microsoft Project software package is not part of the Standard Microsoft Office suite of products. The Office Standard edition only contains Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook. You need to purchase Microsoft Project separately.

It has been the tool of choice for project managers since Microsoft Project was introduced in the Nineties. Today, it is the de-facto standard in managing projects – irrespective of size. So if you manage a small project or a large one, you must learn and master the software so that you can plan and build your project correctly, and are able to manage resources, costs, dependencies, and hundreds of options that assist in successfully managing projects.

Common Mistakes With Microsoft Project

Most new and even experienced project managers make the mistake of assuming that they do not need to learn Microsoft Project, and that they will be able to figure it out on their own. They use the software merely as a task list, prepared during the initial stages of the project. And they never go beyond the basic list. This is a complete waste of such a great piece of software, and they lose the benefits they could have achieved from using the software effectively.

Fortunately, the Project software itself is not difficult to use. It is pretty easy. However, it has numerous options, settings, and best practices that you will not be able to figure out on your own.

Do not make the mistake of using this geat software just as a task list. Make the full use of Microsoft Project in your next projejct, and see the immense benefits. You would never do another project without it!

How to Learn Microsoft Project?

You can use one of the two methods to learn Microsoft Project.

  1. Attend a Classroom Training on Microsoft Project – This is a good option as you get face to face instructions. However, this would require you to attend at least 2 full days in class, crammed with numerous other students, giving you little time to ask questions. And by the time you start to come up with questions, the class is over already.Go for this option if you prefer classroom training, and it is available conveniently in your town. Keep in mind that a decent physical classroom training can be 8-10 times more expensive than online training.
  2. Attend an Online Training on Microsoft Project – Learn the software step by step, at the comfort of your own home of office, anytime or anywhere. The good thing about online eLearning is that if anything is not clear, you can watch it again and again, until it becomes clear. The video based training particularly suits people who like to learn at their own pace, and do not want to follow a strict agenda.Go for this option if you like to study at your own time, and at your own pace. And save time and money by attending the online training instead. And you get access to the lessons for a long long time… enough for you to master the topic at ease!

Microsoft Project Online Training Program

At TruEducate Online Learning Academy, we have created a detailed, step by step online Microsoft Project Training program, which starts from the basics, and covers the fundamentals of project management, leads you to more intermediate topics, and then as you practices and get better at using the software, you get to learn the advanced topics in Microsoft Project.

Perfect for people like you, who want to learn step by step, at their own pace, learn by doing exercises, and master Microsoft Project in no time.

Learn & Master Microsoft Project With Short video lessons and exercises for you to practice.

In this Online Microsoft Project Training, You will learn:

  • How to plan a project,
  • Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS),
  • Key in the Tasks & Duration in Microsoft Project,
  • Create Dependencies between Tasks,
  • Link tasks with each other, based on different types of dependencies,
  • Set deadlines,
  • Allocate Time & Resources to individual tasks,
  • Identify the Project’s Critical Path,
  • Set baselines to benchmark progress against,
  • Add actual costs to tasks, as the project execution begins
  • Monitor progress of the project along the way,
  • Generate reports to see overdue tasks, measure current progress,
  • Review the Overall Project Dashboard
  • Chart the future action plan based on progress
  • Identify delayed tasks, and track costs against plans,
  • Manage your Projects to a Successful Close

And lots more…

All using Microsoft Project 2016 or Microsoft Project 2013.

Lessons work well with either Standard or Professional Edition of Microsoft Project 2016.

The Online Training for Microsoft Project consists of 9 Lessons, comprising of over 40 videos covering everything from the basics to the advanced features of Microsoft Project. And the total lessons exceed 3.5 hours of time spent in explaining the different features and best practices in these video lessons.

Along the way, we show you the hidden options, and we share with you the Best Practices of Using Microsoft Project in these lessons. It is these hidden gems that make this program shine, and deliver immense value.

Don’t take our word for it. See the numerous testimonials we have received from project managers like you, who have taken this training, and benefited from it.

Who is Going to Teach Microsoft Project Online?

This training is recorded by Vinai Prakash, PMP, MBA, GAP. Vinai has over 30 years of experience in the corporate world, leading several small, medium and mega projects involving millions of dollars in budgets and has successfully managed hundreds of employees and contractors, vendors, spanning several years. Vinai has delivered countless projects on time, on budget, on quality, and received several accolades in the industry.

Vinai Prakash is the founder of several training companies and blogs, and regular speaks on Project Management. He also conducts PMP exam preparation boot camps, and provides online training for PMP enthusiasts too.

Vinai is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience in managing projects, and provides immense value to his participants. He is a sought after trainer and speaker in the industry.

Getting Started With Microsoft Project Online Training Program

It is easy to get started. Simply click here to register for this training. It gives you instant access to all the lessons and videos and also provide you with a single point of contact to ask any questions along the way.

Once you register successfully in the training, you can begin to watch the video lessons immediately, and practice the lessons and topics on your own, with the exercise files and sample files provided to you.

Learn by watching, and practice by doing it yourself. This is the best way to learn any new skill. When you do the steps yourself, you ingrain in your brain the required steps, the why, and how of each topic. It helps in memory retention, and this kind of immersive training is considered best for adults.

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